What's New at Good Shepherd

  • Goodbye Wades

    On December 31st of 2017 was Pastor Bill Wade's last day at Good Shepherd.  We want to extend our most sincere thanks to Pastor Wade and his family.  The Wades have been at Good Shepherd for 10 years and our congregation has been so blessed to have you as our Pastor & Friend!  Thank you for your hospitality, your preaching & teaching.  Thank you for your leadership and thank you for bringing us the message from God's Word.  Our hearts are full & sad at the same time, but we thank you for your faithfulness to Good Shepherd. 

  • Pastor's Message

    A Shallow Pit

    Here you will find Pastor Bill Wade's latest message: A Shallow Pit

  • Pastor's Message

    October 30, 2017

    Half-a-Thou and Two

    Here you will find Pastor Bill Wade's latest message: Half-a-Thou and Two

  • Pastor's Message

    October 1, 2017

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Worldview

    Here you will find Pastor Bill Wade's latest message: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Worldview

  • Pastor's Message

    September 3, 2017

    Fresh Voices On Neighbors

    Here you will find Pastor Bill Wade's latest message: Fresh Voices on Neighbors

  • Pastor's Message

    August 6, 2017

    Flaming Darts

    Here you will find Pastor Bill Wade's latest message: Flaming Darts

  • Pastor's Message

    July 2, 2017

    Not Enough Boredom

    Here you will find Pastor Bill Wade's latest message - Not Enough Boredom

  • Online Giving

    The apostle Paul encourages us to live generously in response to God’s goodness and there are many instances in the New Testament that call for good stewardship.  Giving is truly a worship experience, and utilizing today’s technology to answer those calls can enrich that experience. Without it, we may miss out on an incredible way of becoming more like Christ, both as individuals and as members of His Church.

    In an effort to be faithful stewards with what God has entrusted us with, we want to tell you about a new service we are implementing to help with our calling of being generous believers.

    We are now offering online giving to our congregation. The hope and prayer of our church staff is that offering online giving will allow us to accomplish a couple of things. First, it will provide the flexibility for our members to give how they want to, regardless of day or time. You’ll be able to give your tithes and offerings in several different ways. We have a link on our website where you can give. You can also give by scanning the QR code that is published in the bulletin, or you can simply browse to app.clovergive.com/gspc   Part of the flexibility we are giving you is the payment method you use to give. Of course, you’ll still be able to give via a check, even through our online giving platform. You can also give with a credit or debit card with any of the giving mediums I mentioned above. Second, it will help all of us better develop a habit of giving regularly. Online giving is going to help us be better stewards by affording you the opportunity to give on a regular basis. You will be able to set up recurring tithes and offerings. How many of you pay bills online? This is much the same, but it’s not just paying a bill. It’s being obedient to God and fulfilling what He calls us to do.

    Benefits of Online Giving to you:

    • The ease of being able to sign up for, and to donate or pay for an event all in one place.

    • Even when you’re traveling or visiting family away from our four walls, our giving is with you through our website and  the mobile giving app to continue to faithfully give.

    • We now even have the ability to set up recurring giving, meaning, you set the amount to want to donate to a certain fund, and it’s automatic each month.

     • You can login to your giving account and track your donations for the year. Use this for your taxes and set pledge goals for yourself. We welcome you to try our Online Giving.

    The process is relatively self -explanatory and we will demonstrate it the utilization of this process in the next couple of weeks.

    We encourage all of you to pray about how God is calling you to give and be a faithful and obedient steward in our mission of reaching our community and making disciples.

  • Friendship Sunday

    "How far would a true friend go for you?

    Yeah, Jesus went there…"


    Join us for Worship, make some new Friends, & stay for Lunch.

    Sunday July 9th at 9:30am

    All are welcome to worship with us.  We have a Nursery for children from birth to age 3.  Plus we have a Children's Church program geared towards children ages 3 through the 2nd grade.  After our worship service we will have lunch together.  It is a great time to make new friends and enjoy a meal together.  So invite your friends & neighbors and we will see you here.

  • Pastor's Message

    June 1, 2017

    Planting and Being Planted

    Here you will find Pastor Bill Wade's latest message - Planting and Being Planted

  • The Garden is Growing

    On last Sunday, with the help of our volunteers, we planted the seeds to our Vegetable Garden.  Good Shepherd helps to stock the Feed My People food pantry with fresh produce grown right here at the church.  Thank you so much to those who helped prepare to garden from tilling and the planting of seeds.  We are so excited to use this garden to serve our community.  You don't have to be a member of our church to help.  If you would like to be part in any way please contact the office.

  • Pastor's Message

    May 7, 2017

    A Thousand Sorrows

    Here you can find Pastor Bill Wade's latest monthly message - A Thousand Sorrows

  • Get to know Pastor Bill Wade

    It is a well know fact around Good Shepherd that Pastor Bill enjoys music.  He always like to have music playing.  So now we get to enjoy what might be playing on his regular rotation and what is a list of some of his all time favorites.  Check out his Current Spotify Playlist here  .  Or if you really want some insight into Pastor Bill, here is a list of some of his favorite music of all time.  Eclectic Euphony is the Spotify Playlist and you can find that here  . 

  • Pastor's Message

    April, 2, 2017

    Exposure and Grief

    Here is Pastor Bill Wade's latest message - Exposure and Grief

  • Pastor's message

    At the recent 2016 General Assembly of the PCA, discussions were held to address the topic of racial reconciliation.  Pastor Wade shares some of the highlights from these discussions in his monthly message to the congregation.  Please click here to read his article, "Racial Reconciliation is a Gospel Thing."