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special Events

A listing of special, upcoming events for Men's, Women's and Children's Ministries

  • summer women's bible study

    Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30 PM.  This is a 10-week study that runs from June 11 - August 13.  We're studying Tim Keller's book, "Jonah & the Mystery of God's Mercy." Contact the church office for more information.

  • summer evening Conversation

    Wednesday, July 17 at 7:30 PM.  "A God of Wrath" - How could a truly loving and good God ever send people to hell?

    This is the second in a series of three Summer Evening Conversations that address the (ir?)relevance of Christianity.  Bring some friends, enjoy a drink and join the conversation. (See more info below.)

  • family fish fry

    Friday, June 28 at 6:30 PM

Summer Evening Conversations

Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM

Come along this summer for a series of discussions on the (ir?)relevance of Christianity.  Bring some friends, have a drink, and join the conversation.

June 5 - The Bible is a Myth - The Bible: always moral, sometimes moving, but mostly made up, right?

July 17 - A God of Wrath - How could a truly loving and good God ever send people to hell?

August 7 - Too Much Evil - Given how much suffering there is, if there's a God, isn't he the devil?

About the facilitator:  Bruce Clark and his wife, Sarah, are the parents of four children.  A distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Bruce is a published scholar, and has a PhD in Divinity from the University of Cambridge (UK).  

Ongoing Events


  • CRUSH Youth Group - 5:00 PM


  • Men's Bible Study - 8:00 AM at Bread Co. at South County mall
  • Small Group Meeting - 6:00 PM (private home)


  • Women's Summer Bible Study - 7:00 PM (private home)


  • Arnold Cracker Barrel Breakfast Club - 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:00 AM
  • Small Group Meeting - 6:00 PM (private home)


  • Worship Team Rehearsal - 10:00 AM

Recent Events

January 26 - February 3, 2019

Peru Mission Trip

"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves.  Therefore be as shrewd as

snakes and as innocent as doves."  Matthew 10:16

These instructions, given to the disciples as they prepared to go into all the world, 

are as relevant to those of us who engage in short term missions as they were to the disciples.  Jesus has instructed us to be wise, strategic and thoughtful in our participation in the Great Commission.  He knew it would take wisdom to know how

to show love and how to be light in a culture very different from our own.

While our work in Perales took considerable effort and financial commitment,

the peace of mind from knowing that we have done our best to serve the Perales community and contribute to positive outcomes for the children and families

of Perales, makes it well worth it.

Each of us have needs and the people of Perales are no different.  We want to emphasize that our brothers and sisters in Perales are not "those poor people--down there," but people who laugh, have plans and dreams, and have fun.  It is our privilege to share time with and continue to think and care about the people of Peru.

God willing, we will continue in the years to come to revel in the joy of the

gospel with our friends and family in Perales.

See our slideshow below!