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special events

People of all faiths and walks of life are invited to join us Wednesday nights as we struggle to talk about complex issues that hit home.  Committed to being a listening and learning community of faith, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church presents a series of summer evening conversations that aim to be model venues for spirited yet civil public discourse on some of the most sensitive matters of our time.

  • June 13:  HOMOPHOBIA?  It's ok to be gay... right?
  • July 11:   RACISM Is this cancer under control?
  • August 1:   "TOLERANCE" Is merely "tolerating" someone a virtue?
WHEN & WHERE:  7:30 PM at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, 6587 Telegraph Rd., Oakville, MO  63129

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR:  Bruce Clark and his wife Sarah live in South County and have four kids: twin teen girls, a young boy and a cute little girl.  A distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Bruce has a PhD in Divinity from the University of Cambridge (UK).  A published scholar, he blogs at

Ongoing Events


Growth Group - Held weekly at church at 6:00 PM

CRUSH Youth Group meets weekly at 6:00 PM


Men's Bible Study - Meets weekly at Bread Co. at South County mall at 8:00 am

Growth Group at Home in Arnold, Mo 7:00 pm -Weekly


Men's Bible Study - Meets weekly at Bread Co. at Lindbergh & Watson Rd. at 6:30 am


Arnold Cracker Barrel Breakfast Club - 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:00 a.m.




Worship Team Rehearsal - Weekly from 10 AM - noon