• Churches for Life

    In the past, “life issues” included one peril: abortion. Today, however, “life issues” encompass many concerns recognized as threats to the life and welfare of human beings. All these topics are important because God made humans in His image, thus giving them intrinsic dignity and value. The gospel affirms and deepens this Christian distinctive by displaying Christ, the Son of God, who lived, died, and rose again to redeem human beings as His beloved for all eternity. Among all God’s creatures, humans are most prized and valuable! Click here for detailed information on this life-affirming ministry. 

  • Hand 'n Hand Pregnancy Help Ctr.

    Hand 'n Hand Pregnancy Help Center is a Christian pro-life ministry located in Barnhart, MO that serves women and families that may be facing an unplanned pregnancy. Hand 'n Hand offers their clients free pregnancy testing, referrals to pro-life doctors, adoption agencies, maternity homes, and avenues for financial and legal aid to those in need. Good Shepherd supports this ministry by providing donations of baby and family supplies, and participates in Hand 'n Hand's annual fundraiser. Click here to learn more about Hand 'n Hand Pregnancy Help Center.

  • Christian Resources international

    Christian Resources International was founded by Logan Papworth in the 1950s with a simple conviction: that in order to fulfill Jesus’ command to “Go and make disciples…” (Matt. 28:19), Christians in other countries need access to resources that will help them, particularly the Bible. And in America, we have a unique advantage to help. In our experience, most American Christians own more than one Bible and often have several laying around. When we compare that with the fact that many pastors and missionaries don’t have a Bible of their own at all, we are compelled to do something about it.

    We’d like to invite you to join us on this Great Commission! Together, we can make a difference that is exponentially greater than what our individual abilities could produce. Ready to get involved? Become a Book Missionary with CRI! If you have Bibles, commentaries, biblical dictionaries, etc. laying around, bring them to the church and we will provide the means to ship them to needy pastors. Or, go to CRI's web site, click here to sign up for the Bare Your Bookshelf project.

  • Peru

    Since 2001, Good Shepherd has had the honor of ministering to, and with the good people of the Perales Presbyterian Church, located in a small suburb of Lima, Peru. The ministry of Perales Presbyterian Church has been primarily to the children of Perales, Nocheto, Santa Rosa, and Manuel Carerea, by offering Sunday school programs and Esquela Biblica De Vacaciones (Vacation Bible School).  

    Good Shepherd has partnered with the Peruvian church leaders for the past 16 years and has developed a loving relationship with the church and the community. For the last several years one of our significant community efforts is the Perales Water Project, which was started 7 years ago to bring the gift of clean water to those without. 

  • Feed my people

    Feed My People is an inter-denominational help center in St. Louis County, Missouri that shows God's love and compassion for His people in need. "We offer our clients a helping hand in their time of need - not a way of life." Good Shepherd supports this organization financially and spiritually, and through volunteers from the congregation that serve on a regular basis. Click here to learn more about Feed My People.