Who We are

We are a family.

We are a family united not by kin, color or class,

but by hope, struggle, wisdom and service.

We are a family that together exalts our sovereign Savior, embraces every stranger, and equips every servant.

our leadership

Here our leaders serve as one.  

There is no "key" leader with impressive skills, a big personality and all the answers.  Rather, our leaders are committed first and foremost to prayer, then to proactive listening (to Christ, to congregants, and to our community and culture), and then to humble obedience and mutual accountability, along with festive hospitality, one-on-one mentorship, robust teaching, and joyful service to our neighbors, especially the frail, downtrodden and voiceless.

This is not to marginalize the essentials of experience, excellence, skill or intellectual rigor.  Our leaders come from a variety of industries, both hourly-wage workers and salaried employees, from both the private sector and government, with some having high school diplomas and others having PhDs from top universities.  As leaders they have ongoing (monthly) training.  Our primary teaching leader has seven years of postgraduate study with a PhD in first-century Jewish and Greco-Roman religion and culture.  All of our leaders are essential, and no one leader is more important than another.  They are single, married, divorced, and widowed, young parents and empty nesters.  All struggle daily; all are weak; all have sinned greatly.  All have found refuge in the wondrous welcome and wisdom of the Crucified One.

Perhaps most importantly, our leaders are not merely fellow servants; they are good friends, ever celebrating and sacrificing together.  They admire their differences and work through their disagreements.

They do not seek to be managers or executives, but shepherds, shepherds of the flock for whom Christ, the Good Shepherd, laid down his life.