Our Mission

Sharing Christ and His love... with each other, our neighbors and the world!

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We have been serving the Oakville community for over 25 years!  We are a church that believes in the life of Jesus, and the hope that is found in Him.  We believe in a relational God that loves His people, and we seek to share His love with our community.  Come and be a part of our church and our family! 

Our Vision

We will be a thriving, intergenerational community rooted in the Gospel that:

  • Glorifies God through corporate worship and prayer
  • Grows disciples through equipping and encouraging each other in our relationships with Christ
  • Shows expression of our relationship with Christ by active service
  • Pursues individuals to be a part of our community
  • Cooperates with the Holy Spirit to grow Christ's kingdom by supporting the church in our shared mission, and by carrying out our individual missions where God sends us.

Our Core Values

Grace - the experience of our life in Christ: We believe that all of the benefits of life in Christ can be received only by the grace of God in Jesus Christ; there is nothing within us that compels God to accept us. We also believe that grace received must be grace lived. If Christ accepts us unconditionally, then we must also strive to accept others with the same grace He shows us.

Scripture - the explanation for our life in Christ: We believe that the power and the equipping for life comes from the source of God's Word. Therefore, we are committed to preaching and teaching the Bible as the only inspired and authoritative rule for faith and practice. The center of our preaching and teaching is the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Prayer and Worship - the energy of our life in Christ: We believe that prayer is vital in developing our relationship with Christ and that all of our work depends upon the faithfulness and power of God, and not on ourselves. We also believe that our greatest purpose in life is to glorify God and to delight in Him; therefore we desire to worship Him with all our lives in a way that is biblical, Christ-centered and authentic.

Community - the environment of our life in Christ: We believe that Jesus calls us to relationships not only with Himself, but also with each other. As the body of Christ, we strive to build a community of believers who love each other with the unconditional love of Christ and who enjoy and benefit from being active members of the church family. We strive together for spiritual maturity through an increasing devotion to interpersonal discipleship, worship, service and outreach. We also strive to fulfill the "Great Commission" that Jesus Christ gave to the church, calling people into a living, growing relationship with Christ through our prayer, resources and participation.

The Good Shepherd Family

A story of God's amazing grace

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Established in October of 1988, from the beginning, our preaching and teaching has been focused on the grace of God in Jesus Christ. It is a message that has impacted our hearts and we desire to communicate this message with our community, the nation, and the world.